Green Vihar,Prabhu Paradise,Gaya-Fatehpur Road Manpur, Gaya (Bihar) India  
Estd: 1989. CBSE Affiliation No. 330022 , 10+2 (Science & Commerce) School No. 08179

Established in 1973 Green Field English School Gaya is an ideal centre for secondary and +2 education teaching CBSE course to its students. It is a co-educational institution known for its discipline, academic results and extracurricular activities.
The School is situated near the famous cattle-fair ground at Bhusunda located in the lap of Gandhar hill. The foundation stone of Bihar, Dr. A. R Kidwai on the 16th January 1996. Away from the din and bustle of Gaya city. it is encircled by Gandhar hill in the east, an irrigation canal in the west, other picturesue hills and green fields in the north and meteled approach road in the south. The beautiful scenes of the temple of Lord Buddha at Bodh-Gaya (Sough) fascinate our eyes her from. As the school connected with manpur Junction, Bandhua Railway station and Gaya Railway station, the city bus stand vehicular-traffic is available round the clock.
Spread over an area of 16.5 acres of land, the school has an ambitious construction project in rapid  progress for one hundred and sixteen rooms furnished with all the necessary amenities. Here are a rich library, common rooms for the students playgrounds for outdoor games, horse riding and swimming pool. The courses of computer literacy and vocational teaching in certain subjects like sewing, weaving embroidery, typewriting, music, painting etc are also available. Besides the teaching of electronics.
Why is the School Superior to Other one ?

    • Regular assessment of student’s progress is done by the teachers. The guardian/parents are advised to inform the authority daily about the shortcoming of the students regarding reading and writing.
    • Additional time is given to the students for one hour before and after the session every day from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM and from 3:30 PM to 4:10 PM.
    • This is the first school affiliated to C.B.S.E (New Delhi) at Bihar & Jharkhand where Science & Commerce both are taught to the students.
    • We do not encourage private coaching specially for class IX, X,XI & XII. The guardians are suggested not to get their students coached by the tutors in the syllabus completed by the teachers. Thus this saves the unnecessary expense of the guardians/parents and the time of the students.
    • In present this is the only academic institution of Girls as a separate unit.
    • We tale special care of the appearing candidates at the secondary & +2 examinations special summer classes for IX to XII free of cost.
    • We provide Bag Pipe Band and NCC Training- First time ever in C.B.S.E affiliated school.
    • Greeny Botanical garden includes precious medicinal plants, Herbal plants, Tropical all seasonal Fruits and Nut, variety of Flowers, Cash Crops like Teak Wood, Sandal Wood, Timber etc. along with Spices Edible Oil and various kinds of special plants belonging to Zodiac Symbols and stars- these helps students to understand practically Zoology and Botany lessons with live examples.
    • Director- Parent daily Meeting at 4.30 PM to 6:30 PM and get solution for your wards problem.
    • Maa Saraswati Puja at school campus celebrated since 1974.
    • The Indian saints and hermits have been pioneers in the realm of knowledge from the primordial stage of mankind. Mahatma Buddha Propagated his prudence and knowledge throughout the world to bring an end to temporal tribulations. Japan, China and other nations place themselves in the queue of the development countries having imbibed the wisdom and conscience of LORD BUDDHA. The entire globe is indebted to him.
      GREEN FIELD ENGLISH SCHOOL managed and maintained by Buddha Welfare and Development Society. East Digghi, Gaya, affirms to diffuse the notion of world peace and vasudhaivakutumbakam in Indian people through Buddha spirit.
      The past of Bihar has excessively been sublime in the history of the Peninsular Bharat. This is a land of ascetics like Karna, economist and diplomat like Chanakya, Valiant, Courageous like emperor Ashok. This sacred land has got the pride of being the Tapobhumi of Gautam Buddha. The mighty empire of Magadh and the democracy of Vaishali both bloomed and flowered in this soil. The University of Nalanda, Vikramshila Udantpuri eminent in the world is also born of this place.
      The imminent glorious past of Bihar is fragrant with the first president of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the process of Virkuwar Singh, the scholarship of Dr. Sachchidanand Sinha, Rahul Sanskrityan, Acharya Sheopejan Sahay, Nalin Vilochan Sharma, Mohan Lal Mahto Viyogi and Hans Kumar Tiwary. To strive utmost to restore the splendid pas and prestige of Bihar on the map of the earth is the goal of Green Field English School.
      Generally, English Medium School have been prospering on the principles of the imitation of accidental civilization. We would be endeavoring hard to make the students realize the elite nature and culture of Bharat through English language. Raja Rao, a paramount novelist and a professor of Philosophy in Texas University, America strengthens this very fact thus. One has to convey in a language that is not one’s own.
      Buddha Welfare and Development Society, as the name suggests is a body aims at promoting sociocultural and moral values of life in the society. It intends to work for the Welfare of the people through schemes. One of them is to serve the purpose of education for all. The establishment of GREEN FIELD ENGLISH SCHOOL is a step towards it. But the school is not just an addition to the mushroom growth of school in the city. It is not also a centre for imitating western culture and thought. It is rather an institution which is managed and maintained by the Buddha Welfare and Development Society, East Dighi, Gaya, it pledges to spread the message of world peace and universal brotherhood. Lord Buddha’s tolerance, wisdom, prudence and knowledge have all been assimilated in the very objective of teaching fixed to be achieved. 

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